Road Safety

Links to resources such as the excellent Transport for London Cycling safety summary for cyclists, books etc.

Our own John Bennett comments on the implications of the lastest revision of the Highway Code for cyclists.


Should cyclists wear helmets? An interesting article on helmets and cycling environments from the Guardian, 11/8/08.

Traffic at 30 mph is too fast for children's visual abilities, scientists reveal

A study by researchers at Royal Holloway, University of London reveals that primary school children cannot accurately judge the speed of vehicles travelling faster than 20 mph.

More evidence of the real safety benefits of 20mph zones in residential areas.

Nah, proper parents don't let them walk: far safer in the SUV and they're too fat anyway?

Non-collision cycling injuries

The leading cause of emergency hospital admission to vulnerable road users (pedestrians and cyclists) is from non-collision cycling injuries. These injuries caused approximately four times as many serious injuries to cyclists (9,447 in 2008/09) than collisions between cyclists and cars, pick up trucks and vans (1,871). Non-collision incidents occur when cyclists lose balance and fall to the ground, without colliding with anything or without anything running into them.

The top three causes are:

  1. Slipping on ice (26% of all reported NCIs)
  2. Slipping on wet road (8% of all reported NCIs)
  3. Slipped on soil, mud, gravel, wet rock (7% of all reported NCIs)

Only a third of all incidents cause an injury worthy of professional treatment and most of these are minor.

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So, be careful in the icy weather.

BikeRadar: UK cycling casualties on the rise has the latest figures on cyclists' serious injuries & fatalities.

While much of the rise is likely to be due to the increase in cycling, the contrast between the 28% reduction in cycling casualties since the mid-1990s & the 55% reduction for car users killed or seriously injured is striking.

While it's safer to cycle now, more needs to be done.
Given the evidence, the case for 20mph in residential areas looks more convincing than ever.

Getting into cycling

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London Cycling Campaign


Do it by Cycle DVD

The latest Cambridge Cycling Campaign newsletter has an article describing this DVD.

Although aimed at a school-age audience, it should be readily watchable by an older age group. The Blue Peter style presenters introduce each of the dozen sections ranging from 'Choosing a bike' through 'Helmets & Clothing' and right up to 'Advanced Cycling'.

What I appreciated most about on the DVD is the sequences of cyclists on the road in traffic. They've done a thorough job of covering the common situations that cyclists find themselves having to contend with day to day.

Cycling Routes & Maps

Get free cycling maps for the West Midlands and trip routes.

Cycle Maintenance

Links to sites with good information about cycle maintenance.

Why horses and cyclists don't mix!

Sara Hickie, twenty-five years experience as a horse-riding instructor, gives a crash course in equine evolution & psychology for cyclists