Emergency Transport Plan: Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

It's a pity it took a deadly pandemic to prod the council into action, but at long last they would like to implement low traffic neighbourhoods in residential areas.

A low traffic neighbourhood allows free movement of people walking and cycling, but restricts the routes motor traffic can take (without affecting access). Push Bikes is strongly in favour of these (properly implemented, of course), because for minimal cost they cut motor traffic, making neighbourhoods quieter, more pleasant, and safer for cycling, walking, and playing. It's a tried and proven idea, both on the continent and more recently here in the UK. As I've said many times, there's a reason why "situated in a quiet cul-de-sac" is a selling point for estate agents, and why such houses attract a premium.

The first two will be in Kings Heath and Lozells (with more to follow), and you can have your say. Please do so, and please be supportive.