Shared Space in Poynton

Poynton Shared Space - be careful what you wish for
Poynton Shared Space. Long queues of traffic (even outside of rush hour). Cars and cyclists on the pavement. Crumbling infrastructure. Be careful what you wish for. Photo by aseasyasridingabike.

Although Push Bikes has not visited this scheme, it is often referred to as exemplary. So is it? Well yes, but exemplary in the wrong way. The cycle campaigner who writes the blog As Easy as Riding a Bike has been there, and found that whilst it was better than what was there before (because in effect an obsolete junction has been replaced with two roundabouts), it suffers the same problems as every other other Shared Space. The fancy paving is crumbling under the weight of traffic that is creating the massive traffic jams, and people on bikes feel intimidated. It is easier for people to cross the road, but only because the motor traffic hardly moves at all. Follow the link to Perspectives on Poynton.