Vintage Ride 2015

Vintage ride group photo
Sunday, July 19, 2015 - 14:00

Dress to impress and cycle to St Paul's Square for a picnic. Once everyone has feasted sufficiently we all go for a ride around the city centre in our best vintage togs, getting waves and smiles from pedestrians and even motorists as we ping our bells and toot our squeak toys. The ride ends at a public house, of course, but the festivities carry on.

Schedule the same as usual:

  • 2pm meet St Pauls for picnic
  • 4pm go for a (vintage) bike ride
  • 5pm + party

It has been decided to do it in collaboration with the new Jewellery Quarter Grand Bazaar weekend.

Also we have been guaranteed the usual excellent Vintage Ride weather on that day.

Not decided what to do about the after party yet but if anyone would like to play/dj/make a barbecue etc get in touch...

More details to come as we come across them...

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