E-Trike Mobility Aid

E-Trike mobility aid
A cycle route that demands you get off an push every few metres isn't a cycle route, it's a walking route. If I wanted to walk a journey I would leave my bike at home so I wouldn't have the inconvenience of pushing it. But whilst for me CYCLISTS DISMOUNT and NO CYCLING are an annoyance, if you use a cycle as a mobility aid, because, for example, walking is painful, a "cycle route" that demands you get off and do the one thing you can't is both offensive and contrary to the Equality Act. The person who uses the e-trike in this photo finds walking painful, but because she lives in a small German town, which like many German towns has usable cycling infrastructure, she can use her trike to go anywhere in town with ease, and without resorting to using a motor vehicle. That keeps her physically active, and means she isn't helping to create a traffic jam in the town centre. It also means she can go door-to-door, which is something you cannot do using public transport, and which is often impossible in a motor vehicle. This trike is quite literally next to the front door of the house you can see in the background, somewhere you cannot get to in a car. Door-to-door is essential if you have difficulty walking.