Union Headlamp

Union headlamp
This Union headlamp offers 35 lux with a shaped beam. That makes it good enough for full speed cycling on unlit paths, but it has insufficient beam width for comfortable long distance cycling on unlit roads. A stand light feature keeps it illuminated when the bike is stationary. It has an integral front reflector, so all in all it complies with the German StVZO lighting regulations (making it road-legal in the UK). It can be set to switch on automatically when the ambient light level is too low, which is particularly useful if you have a hub dynamo. The rear light is connected to the front light via the two red spade connectors. Lights such as this are intended to be mounted on the front fork crown bolt, but since that is used on my bike to mount the centre-pull brake calliper, I mounted the headlamp on the handlebars with the aid of an old C clip from my junk box (originally used to mount an obsolete electronic capacitor on a metal chassis). Light sourced from Dutch Bike Bits (www.dutchbikebits.com).