Push Bikes Organised Ride Guidelines

All Push Bikes rides are free, open to members and non-members and are undertaken at the rider's own risk.

Please note:

  • Ensure that your bike is roadworthy, has good brakes, and working lights.
  • Wearing "Hi-vis" clothing may improve your safety by making you more conspicuous to other road users, but whatever you wear don't assume motorists will see you.
  • If you have doubts about wearing a helmet, wear one. Ensure it is in good condition and is a proper fit. It may help protect your head should you have an unscheduled dismount.
  • Participants are expected to take great care and observe the Highway Code.
  • The organisers do not accept responsibility for loss or damage to personal property, for personal accident or injury, or for any public liability.

A basic repair kit, a spare inner tube as well as patches, for example, can prove extremely useful. Preferably, also bring along a small first-aid kit, including a suitable sting relief product.

For your personal comfort, suitably warm, cool and/or waterproof clothing depending on anticipated weather, and drinks and snacks can be useful. Don't forget that in winter, you can expect cold weather and, surprisingly, to some, dry air - which means that you may get thirstier than you anticipate! In good weather, beware of the effects of excessive exposure to the sun. Carry a good sun-block cream.

Our rides are "social" rather than "serious", suiting average cyclists, and we do get children on our rides. Hills are inevitable, but our routes are chosen to minimise hills. The pace of the ride is governed by those on the ride. Fitter riders may find the rides too easy.

The rides are on good surfaces - so suitable for all bikes.

Rides may be cancelled at short notice if we have bad weather.