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Bike Parking at New Street Station

Cycle parking at New Street station drop off zone

Last autumn, The Queen was a visitor to New Street station where she officially opened the new station. I gather she arrived by train. It is not reported whether she brought a bike with her. If she had done so, and if she had looked for somewhere to park it, she might have been disappointed (OK, the Queen is 90 years old. However, if you think it is preposterous for members of the royal family to cycle, you might like to read this article).

Suggestions for cycle parking locations sought.

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Push Bikes has received this request for suggestions for cycle parking locations from the Birmingham Cycle Revolution (BCR) team:

Birmingham Cycle Revolution (BCR)

Birmingham City Council has secured DfT Cycling City Ambition Grant (CCAG) and Local Growth Funding to deliver Birmingham Cycle Revolution (BCR).

The aim of BCR is to ‘promote sustainable travel options by increasing the attractiveness of cycling’, which will contribute towards:

  • Improving health & the environment

Planning Cycle Parking for Future Demand

Bike hanger at Birmingham Friends of the Earth

Providing infrastructure for cycling is not just about better space on roads, but also about being able to park your cycle safely at either end of the journey and at any stopping points in the middle. Cycling should be 10% of the modal share of journeys in Birmingham by 2033, according to Birmingham City Council's future plans for transport in Birmingham, laid out in the 'Birmingham Connected' white paper released in 2014. A 10% modal share in 18 years is rather unambitious for a cycle revolution, but it is still a significant increase on the levels of cycling in Birmingham now.

Consultation - Cycle Parking

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The Birmingham Cycle Revolution team would like to know about local civic centres (eg shopping parades) outside the twenty minute isochrone that lack cycle parking. The 20 minute isochrone is the area centred on the city centre that can be reached with up to twenty minutes of cycling, and broadly corresponds to the area within the A4040. Money has been found to provide cycle parking at these centres, but the BCR team would appreciate your local knowledge so they know where the stands are needed.

Building Blocks

Cargo trike

Think of transport infrastructure as a house. The component parts are items such as bricks, windows, and tiles. The quality of the finished product will be dependent not just on the quality of the components, but also how they are put together. This article will describe some of the important component parts of Dutch system infrastructure that are relevant to cycling, but not how the component parts are put together.

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