Have Your Say on the City Centre Proposals

City Centre Traffic Cells
Friday, April 16, 2021 - 23:45

Have your say on the city centre proposals by 16th April. Please take a little time to do so, to make sure the cycling voice is heard.

It is proposed to divide the city centre into traffic cells. This is something Push Bikes supports. It stops people from using the city centre as a through-route, but it doesn't stop people from accessing the city centre by car. Accessing the city centre by car is absolutely fine, but only when it is absolutely necessary. If we want to see a reduction in car use, it is essential to reduce the need to access the city centre by car. Unfortunately the city appears to be pinning all its hopes on public transport, particularly the tram, a transport system that covers very little of the city but which creates a lot of barriers. Trains have the advantage of being fast, but the coverage is only slightly greater than the tram. So that means the city council must rely heavily on Sprint and buses, which creates a problem in the city centre, especially for a form of transport that provides 100% coverage, but which the city council is largely ignoring in the city centre. Care to guess what that form of transport is?

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