A199 Junction

A199 junction
When people cycle on the pavement that is a sure-fire indication that the infrastructure design is badly wrong. If the response to this is to put up a non-standard sign that says "No cycling on footway", that's a sure-fire indication that the council knows it's done it badly wrong but doesn't respect people enough to fix the problem. I was cycling on the pavement, and the reason is this junction. There was absolutely no way I was going to ride a folding bike along a narrow strip between two lanes of fast-moving cars, trucks, and buses, and then try to merge into the motor traffic just before the junction proper. This type of "meat grinder" lane could be found in the Netherlands many years ago, but they have been removed because they are considered way too dangerous. There's one on Ladywell Walk. It too is dangerous. Push Bikes criticised BCR plans that included "meat grinder" lanes.