bad practice

Smelly Oak

Traffic congestion at Selly Oak Triangle

Birmingham City Council have proposed keeping Selly Oak crushed beneath the weight of motor traffic. Other towns and cities have taken steps to reverse this trend, and have achieved significant reductions in motor traffic, meaning that a bloated road network simply isn't needed.

A Bit of Paint on the Road is Not Cycle Infrastructure

Arthur Road, Edgbaston

In recent weeks, cyclists in Birmingham may have noticed a number of new additions in terms of the cycling infrastructure around the city. Sadly, most of them hardly qualify to be named infrastructure, so let's take a look at the example which fits into this category – painted cycle symbols and Advanced Stop Lines (ASLs) on parallel routes, with a particular focus on Edgbaston Park Road.

What is it?

Fools Only the Purchaser

Two locks is not always better than one

This is what I found when I locked up my bike at Sainsbury's in Selly Oak on Sunday. They were not there the day before. There was no sign of a bike (other than mine). Sainsbury's have provided secure Sheffield stands and a shelter for cycles, but if you lock your bike with this sort of "lock" in Birmingham, don't be surprised if you never see your bike again.


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