bad practice

Polishing the Turd

The Birmingham Mail recently reported a collision in which three cars completely destroyed each other on a bike lane, and a woman was left "fighting for her life". The bike lane in question is on the A38 Bristol Road just south of Selly Oak, and it's brand new. In fact it's so new that the signs announcing its creation were flattened in the collision. You can see one of them in the photo, next to all that remains of a tree that was destroyed by the impact.

Making Pinch Points Safe for Cyclists


We have all been there: cycling towards a central refuge with a vehicle rapidly approaching from behind.

  • Will they wait or will they try to get past?
  • Is there room?
  • How should I react?

It can be very frightening.

On several occasions I've seen the driver divert round the opposite side of the refuge, and on one occasion go straight over the refuge shattering his engine sump!


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