Blue Shared Space Zebra Crossing in Longbridge

Blue Shared Space zebra crossing in Longbridge
The irony of this zebra crossing is that zebra crossings are not supposed to be necessary in Monderman Shared Spaces. This zebra may have blue stripes so it can pretend to be something other than a zebra crossing, but I doubt many people would think of it as anything else. Planters are a valid feature of Shared Spaces, but not when they are decorated with signs telling people what to do to negotiate the Shared Space safely. Longbridge "town centre" is not the first Shared Space to acquire zebra crossings after pedestrians found they could not cross the road with an acceptable level of risk. Indeed after Hans Monderman himself declared Haren Shared Space to be an excellent example of Shared Space, zebra crossings were added because pedestrians found they were unable to cross the road.