Curry Mile photo 4

Pedestrians in the protected cycle lane
Here we can see (in the distance) pedestrians in the cycle lane. While most people were observing the pavement / cycle lane boundary, a few people did walk in the cycle lane. Because this was a cycle lane, and not a shared-use pavement, I felt comfortable asking them to let me past, and they did not give me any nasty looks. Everyone was happy to make space for me. Having a split level between the pavement and cycle lane like this certainly helps, I feel. And having clear pedestrian and cycle space helps to remove any irritation that a shared-use path might engender. That being said, I was cycling along at a sedate 10 mph or so. It might have been a different experience if I had been belting along to get to the office on time. Also of note is the opening for cycle users who want to cross the junction to get to the other side road. This thoughtful detail makes a lot of difference.