Curry Mile photo 5

A pedestrian island for a signalised crossing.
This photo has two points of interest: The first is the floating light-controlled pedestrian island here. The cycle lane by-passes the traffic lights here, giving a continuity to cycles that motor vehicles can not have. This is very important for favouring cycles and making their use more attractive. So, what should we do to meet the needs of pedestrians? Here we can see that the pedestrians first cross the cycle lane. This is narrow and cycles are not as threatening as buses or cars, so pedestrians have an uncontrolled crossing so they can fit between the gaps in cycle users. This solution acknowledges the inherent differences between cycle and motor traffic. The second is the way in which the junction has been designed to facilitate cycle users joining the cycle track. Next to the yellow hatched box, there are gaps in the kerb for cycle users joining Wilmslow Road from the side road to directly join the cycle lane. This gives an added convenience for cycle users. The junction is not perfect, however, as cycle users wishing to turn right off Wilmslow Road here have to join the general motor traffic by entering the ASL (see the give-way lines visible at the bottom of the photo).