Walking and Cycling Infrastructure Outside the New Sainsbury's at Selly Oak

People travelling foot or by bike don't get much consideration in the Selly Oak Green Travel District
People arriving by car at this brand new development get multiple lanes, whilst pedestrians and cyclists are jammed on to a narrow, bumpy path that they share with street lamps, road signs, railings, and utility boxes. This two-way cycle path is too narrow for two bikes to pass, and is often blocked by pedestrians. Since the pedestrian side is also too narrow, pedestrians step into the cycle path to pass each other ) and the street furniture). Not only do they risk injury to themselves from a passing cyclist, but also they risk knocking the cyclist into the carriageway. This is despite the available width, which is mostly given over to grass and motor traffic; classic automotive city design. A surprising number of people do walk and cycle along this inadequate and dangerous path, so it is totally unfit for purpose.