Wilmslow Road photo 2

A segregated cycle lane on Wilmslow Road crossing the mouth of a side road
This photo shows the end of the bus stop bypass (the pedestrian crossing at the bottom of the photo) and how the cycle lane is taken across this side road. The cycle lane has clear priority over the side-road, and has been painted a clear green colour. That having been said, the physical protection has not extended right to the edge of the side road mouth, and my fear is that motor traffic may take this corner too quickly. Physical protection closer to the road mouth would have forced vehicles to take a tighter turning circle, and so travel more slowly. Just up the road from here is another side road with a wider mouth that may also have problems with motor vehicles taking the corner too quickly. On a positive note, the physical protection for the cycle lane continues, discouraging motor vehicles from parking in it or letting their wheels over run the line.