Buster's Big Adventure

Buster the Brompton below Arthur's Seat

As described in an earlier post, I was all set to go to Edinburgh with a Brompton hire bike. I arrived early at New Street and headed for the dock at Moor street, where I recovered Buster the Brompton. Whilst I wrestled him from his cell I noticed that most of the bays I could see were empty, which I hope is a good sign. I have to say it was quite a struggle getting Buster out, as various brackets and flanges that hold the dock together had to be cleared one by one, plus there was a moulding that meant I had limited scope for tilting Buster.

Training for the Hire Path

In 2014 Push Bikes visited Assen in the Netherlands. Before leaving I asked David Hembrow if there was anything I needed to know about buying a train ticket, such as ordering it six weeks in advance, carefully choosing from 58 different options, and ensuring I had a twelve character cryptokey to recover a ticket from a machine that only spoke Dutch. He assured me that train travel in the Netherlands was simple and cheap. When we got there we went downstairs from the airport, and walked up to a ticket machine.

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