First Aid for Cyclists

Hopefully we wont have any serious injuries or accidents on Push Bikes ride, but being prepared is sensible. As regular ride leaders, Simon Harrison and John Bennett signed up for a one-day emergency first aid course. How things have changed since my Boy Scouts first aid badge! No slings, fewer on the spot interventions, more summoning help.

Why Training is Not the Answer

A couple who live a few doors away from me, and who have seen me coming and going on my bike, told me a few weeks ago that they were considering getting some bikes themselves. During the conversation they told me they were not willing to ride on busy roads, and would rather avoid roads altogether. That would render getting to most of Birmingham City Council's off-road routes impossible. Their stance on this is far from unusual.

Drivers Become Two-Wheel Aware

Cycle users next to lorry

Bus, truck and van Drivers from the West Midlands have been undergoing some unusual training this Spring - they've been cycling round Birmingham City Centre as part of a new initiative from Centro and local cycle trainers BikeRight!. The 'Safe Urban Driving' course gives these professional drivers a taste of what it's like to be a vulnerable road user in a busy urban environment, giving them better awareness and more respect for people cycling in cities - and in some cases, inspiring a few lorry drivers to get their bikes out of the shed!

Discover Cycling

Bicycle maintenance


Tuesday, March 17, 2015 - 19:00 to 21:00

Graham Hankins, of Push Bikes, the Birmingham Cycling Campaign, is holding two 'Discover Cycling' evenings in the Red Room of the Moseley Exchange on the 17th and 24th March from 7pm until 9pm, all welcome.

Whether you are an experienced cyclist or yet to own your first bike, 'Discover Cycling' will show how to choose a bike, explain simple adjustments, demonstrate puncture repair and take the mystery out of all those gears!

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