Repolished Turd

repolished turd; the newly resurfaced A38 South
The substandard advisory cycle lanes were re-painted in September 2015, which necessitated moving the divider between the general traffic lanes. Then in February 2016 the carriageway was resurfaced, so they had to paint all the lane dividers again. This was done on both sides of the dual carriageway. The green is supposed to warn drivers about cyclists crossing the mouth of Cob Lane (behind the viewpoint), but for some reason this was not felt necessary for the far busier Bournville Lane (on the right, immediately ahead). The SLOW warnings were originally on a red background, and were repainted recently, almost certainly just after a serious collision at the Cob Lane junction (prior to that they had been very worn - see The red background was not added back in after the resurfacing work, making the SLOW warnings not very noticeable. Note that the photo was taken on a Sunday morning so the lane width could be checked; at other times this road is busy with very fast moving cars, trucks, and buses. A high proportion of these vehicles are driven dangerously, and some are driven exceptionally dangerously.