Lights Replaced in Edgbaston Tunnel

New lights in Edgbaston tunnel

138 days after the lights in the tunnel at Edgbaston went out, they have been replaced.

It took persistent badgering of councillors by Push Bikes, particularly Tahir Ali, who seemed annoyed that someone was determinedly complaining about having to cycle along a very narrow path through an unlit tunnel, even though that path is Birmingham's idea of a strategic cycle route and takes traffic off the overloaded A38. Apparently it required negotiation and the seeking of funding.

Daytime Lighting

Edgbaston Tunnel Lighting to be Replaced in Early September

Ever since the lights went out in Edgbaston Tunnel earlier this year I've been relentlessly emailing various councillors (especially Tahir Ali) asking for the lights to be fixed. I'm pleased to say that the lights are now scheduled to be completely replaced with modern lighting, hopefully in the first half of September, though this is dependent on materials and the CRT pontoon arriving on time.

Where Else?

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