Daytime Lighting

Edgbaston Tunnel Lighting to be Replaced in Early September

Ever since the lights went out in Edgbaston Tunnel earlier this year I've been relentlessly emailing various councillors (especially Tahir Ali) asking for the lights to be fixed. I'm pleased to say that the lights are now scheduled to be completely replaced with modern lighting, hopefully in the first half of September, though this is dependent on materials and the CRT pontoon arriving on time.

Where Else?

The engineer who has organised the replacement of the lights in Edgbaston Tunnel would like to know what other cycle routes have daytime lighting issues. Those known to me are:

  • NCN535 under Spaghetti Junction
  • The tunnel under the Hagley Road on Harborne Walkway
  • Ashted Tunnel
  • Curzon Street Tunnel.
  • The factory over the Birmingham and Fazeley canal.

I would regard the first two as health and safety risks (ie urgent), and Ashted Tunnel as requiring attention in the near future (ie before the lights fail completely). I know Curzon Street Tunnel has social issues, but the path is wide and the portals are large, and the men that gather there are not looking for a fight or your wallet, so I personally don't consider it to be a priority. However, the council is already investigating funding opportunities for Ashted Tunnel and Curzon Street Tunnel.

Are there any other places on cycle routes (de facto or official) that are in need of daytime lighting, and what would be your priorities? Please let us know.