The following candidates are standing in Harborne:

Party Surname forename(s)
Liberal Democrats Banting Philip Andrew
UK Independence Party (UKIP) Brecknell Charles Richard
Conservative Party James Jane
Labour Party McKay James Robert
Green Party Simpson Phil

A Birmingham wide response has been received from the Conservative Party, the Green Party and the Labour Party.

James McKay (Labour Party) has given us this response:

  1. Yes, definitely.
  2. Yes, definitely.
  3. In principle this sounds like a good idea. There might be specific reasons in particular locations where it is impractical, but I would always be happy to look at the idea. It is important that solutions are worked out with local residents, rather than imposed.
  4. In favour of the principle, on residential roads, but each needs to be looked at on its merits. It is important that solutions are worked out with local residents, rather than imposed.
  5. I would be happy to look at this idea, it would depend on the conditions in the particular road in question. It is important that solutions are worked out with local residents, rather than imposed.
  6. Yes, definitely.


Phil Simpson (Green Party) has given us this response:

My answer to all 6 questions is 'Yes'. Unsurprising really as the Green Party has been active in many areas calling for better support for cyclists. In our national manifesto (I’m also standing for Edgbaston constituency in the General Election) we call for £20 per person funding for cycling and we have in many areas already been instrumental in achieving 20 mph zones.

As a former transportation advisor to Birmingham City Council Planning Committee I am very aware of how much work is needed to join up the small cycle friendly schemes across the city. I would also point to the Green Party’s idea to reduce bus fares by 10% as a real incentive to reduce car use which will be beneficial to cyclists and make the rat running issue less dominant.