Edgbaston Tunnel Tow Path Widening

New lights in Edgbaston tunnel

The good news is that the tow path through Edgbaston tunnel is going to be widened. With the existing tow path barely wider than the handlebars on a bike, and rough brick on one side and and an open fence on the other, this has long been a cause of many problems, including injuries.

The bad news is that the scheduled closure will be from 22nd January 2018 to 16th March 2018 (NB - the dates have changed again), and the alternatives for cycling on road are heavily trafficked (of course) and hilly.


Edgbaston Tunnel Detour

Edgbaston tunnel detour
LS from birminghamcyclist.com has posted this suggested detour for use during the closure of Edgbaston tunnel. Note that parts of it are heavily trafficked and/or hilly.