National Space For Cycling Campaign

Space for Cycling Logo

Push Bikes is pleased to be supporting the national Space for Cycling campaign which is calling for conditions on our roads where anyone, of any age or ability, feels able to cycle safely, conveniently and enjoyably for any local journey.

Birmingham is lucky to have been awarded money last year to start the Birmingham Cycle Revolution (BCR). The goals of the BCR are to "make it much easier for people to cycle for everyday journeys to work, education and for leisure", and Birmingham City Council is working hard to ensure that the infrastructure designed is fit for purpose. But the revolution will only be delivered though if political and financial support continues.

That is where the national Space for Cycling campaign is important. The 6 key principles fit perfectly with the goals of BCR, and with cycle campaigners across the UK getting politicians to sign up to Space for Cycling, our chances of seeing the revolution achieved are much higher.