Rea River Heritage Trail & the Development of the Longbridge Site

The Tessal Lane section on the Rea River Heritage Trail (RRHT) goes up a steep hill and there are often cars parked on the south side between Hanging Lane and Frankley Beeches Rd. Cyclists are slow and at risk from passing cars.

The Longbridge Area Action Plan (LAAP) includes a pedestrianised walkway along the course of the Rea River and offers the opportunity of rerouting the RRHT to avoid the dangerous Tessal Lane section.

But, is this another Northfield Bypass in the making?

See the excellent David Hembrow blog for an idea of what we could be doing. He also has an interesting discussion on subjective safety.


Graham Lennard, BCC Cycling & Walking Officer helpfully replied to explain that:

"From the outset there has been the inclusion of the Rea Valley route approximately along the line of the Rea, linking Daffodil Park to Birmingham Great Park, avoiding Tessal Lane. There will be additional proposals and funds available ot provide for cycling.

The case for cycle provision on key alignments and to key destinations has been made by the relevant cycling officers.

The details are yet to be set out. There will be various planning applications and we will involve Pushbikes/CAG in the consultation process."

Which is very encouraging.