West Midlands Walking and Cycling Map

West Midlands Walking and Cycling Map website

An interactive map has been created to allow you to have your say on infrastructure that encourages you to walk and cycle, and on what causes problems for active travel. In addition to adding your own comments, you can also signal your agreement with existing comments. Sign-up and use is very easy, so please do make use of it, and do so quickly as it is our understanding it is not going to be available for very long.

One aspect of data entry that has been a problem for me is that pressing the Enter key submits your comments, which then cannot be edited or deleted. If, like me, you are owned by a cat, you'll know that cats like to jump on to your keyboard to get attention, which results in the permanent submission of feline typing (with just enough unfinished human typing to make it look like you have completely lost your mind). The trick is to not select the emoticon until you've finished creating your submission, because this prevents the data from being submitted.