Why do I campaign?

This blog post really is just an excuse to post up the picture above. I took this photo yesterday, as I cycled past families doing the school run. The ring road was blocked up with cars, and I had to filter past a line of cars waiting to join the ring road so that I could reach the Belgrave Middleway crossing. As I joined the cycle track, I saw these two children on their bicycles, cycling ahead of their parents, and I was reminded of the children I had seen in the Netherlands of the same age, doing the same thing. The only difference there, though, had been that their parents had been on bicycles too.

These children have the freedom to cycle independently because this cycle track exists. Their parents have the confidence to give them free reign, even though there are other cycle users coming past along the track. There is no conflict or danger here, and these children have the opportunity to learn that a bicycle = freedom. All children in Birmingham should have the same freedom that these children have. This is why I campaign - so that Birmingham's children can enjoy the freedom that a bicycle offers through having access to a transport network that gives them safe space for cycling.


Belgrave Middleway cycletrack.jpg

Two young children cycle independently along a cycle track while their mothers walk behind them.