Campaign for Better Transport lobby WMPCC over vulnerable road users' safety

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Denis Murphy, from the Campaign for Better Transport, has secured a meeting with WMPCC David Jamieson after sending him an open letter in December. Although the UK is amongst the safest countries for car drivers and passengers, the UK performs far worse on measures of risk for vulnerable road users. Many of our north European neighbours have much safer streets, some with a risk factor less than 50% of that in the UK.

He argues that it is important for the West Midlands to look at the successes of 'high performing' EU neighbours, and recently other UK conurbations, to act positively to change behaviour without apologising for taking enforcement of traffic laws seriously. With the roll-out of 20mph areas around Birmingham using the German 'signage only' model, buy-in by the police in order to provide positive enforcement of new limits is important for their success.

Denis has invited a number of groups, such as Living Streets and Push Bikes, to join him when he meets PCC Jamieson, and we will keep you updated on the outcome.