Consultation - Battery Way

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The city council would appreciate your views on the extension to Battery Way through former industrial land. The new link road is proposed to be a single lane carriageway with new footway, cycle lane provisions and landscaped areas providing access to the new development site together with improving traffic flow and helping to reduce congestion on Weston Lane and the local highway network. It is anticipated the new development site will potentially provide 345,000sq ft. of industrial development land and up to 1100 jobs overall. The new link road is subject to securing planning consent and full business case approvals. Please voice your opinion here, and support the construction of cycling infrastructure in Birmingham.

Consultation runs from 6 Feb 2015 to 27 Feb 2015.

Push Bikes' Response

Push Bikes is delighted to see that cycling has been considered in this design, especially given that the cycle lanes appear to be 2m wide in each direction.   However, we are concerned that the provision appears to be a painted lane rather than a physically protected lane.   Experience around the world shows that these end up being used as a parking bays.   The lanes would appear to be mandatory, which would make parking illegal, but the best way to stop parking is by engineering it out with physical protection. Since the land is currently derelict, there is space available for to do this with ease. High quality cycling provision will enable people to cycle to work rather than driving, easing the severe transport problems the city currently faces.

We are also pleased to see that it has been recognised that this road meets with a BCR scheme, but it is not clear how it is proposed to link the two. Cycling needs to feel safe and be direct and efficient, or people wont do it, so it is important to ensure that cyclists are not made to negotiate a convoluted or hostile junction arrangement. We would appreciate more information being provided on how the connection will be made convenient and direct.