Novice-friendly rides delivered by Birmingham Cycle Revolution

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One of the main components of the soft measures in the Birmingham Cycle Revolution is the development of 22 cycle centres across Birmingham that have a pool of hire bikes and which will deliver gentle rides to attract new people to try out cycling, as well as delivering cycle and maintenance training courses, building on the work done by Bike North Birmingham. Recently we have noticed that the Birmingham Cycle Revolutions' Facebook page is filling up with gentle cycle rides, so we thought we would help spread the word to people who don't have Facebook accounts. Previously, events had been publicised through the Birmingham City Council cycling pages, but the Facebook event pages have more details and old events drop-off the screen gracefully, rather than hanging around forever. Even better still, you can view the BCR Facebook page even if you don't have a Facebook account, and the events pages provide contact details for you to book places.

Building up this kind of local small rides is important to provide a supportive community for new cycle users. The people who receive maintenance training from these cycle centres will help to keep their family and friends' bikes working as well, so that a flat tyre or rusty chain won't stop new people from cycling. But we need to help build these links by letting people know about the rides and the cycle centres. So, please keep an eye on the BCR Facebook page for new events, and help to pass on the word to your friends, family and community about BCR rides to help get Birmingham cycling.