Sharing Bus Lanes with Motorbikes and Taxis?

The Council has been allowing taxis to use the bus lane along the Walsall Rd, A34, bus lane since Nov 2007 as a twelve month experiment. Similarly, motorcycles have had use of the Alcester Road, A435, bus lane.

The Council have asked Push Bikes to submit our views as part of the consultation process, closing date 20th June.

In London the London Cycling Campaign is organising a petition to stop this happening in London. The arguments are here.

It would be interesting to know what "evidence" the experiment has produced. Probably statistically non-significant numbers like number of accidents, complaints etc.

Personally, I would be more concerned by taxis, which have to pull into the main flow of traffic to pass cyclists.

Push Bikes would value, indeed treasure, any feedback from members about the general principle involved and your experience in cycling on the experimental routes. We will incorporate them into our response and forward your response to the appropriate council officer. If you would prefer for your comments not to be forwarded, add "don't forward" at the end of your email.