Will Birmingham follow London in lorry safety measures?

London Cycling Campaign proposed truck design

On Thursday 5th Feb, 2015, Transport for London (TfL) announced that all lorries over 3.5 tonnes will have to be fitted with side guards and blind-spot mirrors or be banned from London's streets. The ban will come into force on the 1st Sept, 2015, after which any lorries not complying with the regulations will face fines of £1,000 for each infraction. The decision came after an overwhelmingly positive response to TfL's 'Safer Lorries' consultation, with 90 percent of the responses supporting the measures, which close loop-holes exempting certain construction lorries and older HGVs from UK legal standards on safety features. (Credit to road.cc)

Push Bikes has written to Birmingham City Council to ask if they will follow the example of TfL and implement similar measures to close these loop-holes in Birmingham.