A34 City Centre to Heathfield Road cycle track approved

Artist's impression of the cycle track on the A34

The plans for the A34 cycle route was approved by Birmingham City Council on the 1st November. The plans for the route have been delayed due to challenges to the A38 cycle route (over the turning into Wellington Road), and extra work was done on an air pollution assessment. But the route has been less controversial due to the space along the A34 meaning that no new motor traffic restrictions have been needed.

This cycle route is the first part of a route stretching from the city centre through Perry Barr and beyond. This section goes as far as Heathfield Road, as that allows the money to be focused on delivering high quality infrastructure. In addition there is currently a lot of redevelopment work planned around the Perry Barr centre, and there is the possibility of a Sprint rapid transit bus route going down the A34. These factors mean that the Birmingham Cycle Revolution (BCR) team need to liaise with other parts of Birmingham City Council to work to deliver cycle infrastructure alongside other projects.

The new cycle route to Heathfield Road will serve large residential areas either side of the A34, giving them a comfortable, safe, direct route into the centre of Birmingham. Previously there have been few attractive cycle routes from the north into the city centre, apart from the canals. It will be good to get this route built, and the BCR team already have contractors lined up to start building the route as soon as possible. The route should be substantially completed by the middle of 2018.