Motorcycle Barriers on Canals

Motorcycle barriers on canal towpaths and on off-road cycle routes around Birmingham are an issue that causes frustration for Push Bikes members and campaigners. They cause a lot of inconvenience to people riding common cycles, and are often impassable to people riding tricycles or recumbents, or towing a trailer. At the bi-annual Canal and River Trust (CRT) West Midlands Users group meeting, on 21st April 2015, we heard from Ian Darby who works for CRT and is running a Motorcycle Barrier Project.

Why do I campaign?

This blog post really is just an excuse to post up the picture above. I took this photo yesterday, as I cycled past families doing the school run. The ring road was blocked up with cars, and I had to filter past a line of cars waiting to join the ring road so that I could reach the Belgrave Middleway crossing. As I joined the cycle track, I saw these two children on their bicycles, cycling ahead of their parents, and I was reminded of the children I had seen in the Netherlands of the same age, doing the same thing.

How Long Does it Take to Remove a Bollard?

Cheddar Road

Within a week of writing this the bollard was removed (and replaced with another), and the chicanes fitted with reflective wands, attracting the attention of LS on Birmingham Cyclist. I've stopped the clock on my timer. Whilst this is an improvement, the new bollard is also obstructive to cyclists because the path is very narrow, and the new bollard takes up a significant proportion of the width.

Building Blocks

Cargo trike

Think of transport infrastructure as a house. The component parts are items such as bricks, windows, and tiles. The quality of the finished product will be dependent not just on the quality of the components, but also how they are put together. This article will describe some of the important component parts of Dutch system infrastructure that are relevant to cycling, but not how the component parts are put together.

£22 million bid for phase 3 of Birmingham Cycle Revolution.

BCR logo

Following an announcement by Nick Clegg MP at the end of November 2014 of a further £114 million for the 8 cities who received Cycle City Ambition funds in 2013, Birmingham City Council (BCC) has submitted a bid for a further £22.1 million, matched by £7.9 million of local funds. This is phase 3 of the Birmingham Cycle Revolution (BCR), as a further £8 million for phase 2 was secured by BCC last summer (although these two pieces of funding will run side-by-side). The decision on this bid will be announced by the DfT in March, and will be reported on our website.

Worcester and Birmingham Tow Path

City-bound on the Worcester and Birmingham tow-path

As part of the Birmingham Cycle Revolution most of the tow paths in Birmingham have been resurfaced. One of the most useful routes as far as cyclists are concerned is the Worcester and Birmingham canal tow path, as it is a close parallel route to the A38 between the city centre and Selly Oak, but it's more level, more direct, and free of motorised traffic. Since there are no road junctions to deal with, a good steady speed can be maintained. Unlike many other canals, there are no locks and only one tunnel between the city centre and the city limit.

Consultation - Bristol Road South Junction Improvements

Be Heard logo

Birmingham City Council is considering highway improvements to address road safety concerns on Bristol Road South, Bell Hill and Shenley Lane.   They would like to hear your views on these preliminary proposals. Please provide your views by emailing or via the Be Heard website.


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