The Problem of the Priory Road / Bristol Road Junction

Priory Road Junction with Bristol Road

A major pinch point for pedestrians and cycle users just to the south of Birmingham city centre is the two junctions where Priory Road crosses Bristol Road and Pershore Road. On Sat 17th Jan, I attended a meeting at the junctions organised by Gisela Stuart MP in response to calls from local residents to have the junctions improved to make them safer for all users. This article lays out the solution I envisage for these junctions, arguing for high-quality segregation at both junctions, based on design ideas from TfL.

Icknield Port Loop Regeneration

This project covers 65 acres a mile from the city centre. The proposals include between 3,000 and 4,000 homes and a million square feet of commercial space. Our concerns are:

1) Canal towpaths are proposed as the main route to the city for pedestrians & cyclists.

The towpath is relatively narrow and would not accommodate more than light traffic without difficulty.

2) A cycle route is planned to Icknield Port Road but doesn't link with anything to make a good cycle route to the city centre.


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