Icknield Port Loop Regeneration

This project covers 65 acres a mile from the city centre. The proposals include between 3,000 and 4,000 homes and a million square feet of commercial space. Our concerns are:

1) Canal towpaths are proposed as the main route to the city for pedestrians & cyclists.

The towpath is relatively narrow and would not accommodate more than light traffic without difficulty.

2) A cycle route is planned to Icknield Port Road but doesn't link with anything to make a good cycle route to the city centre.

A cycle route from the development, across a pedestrian and cycle crossing next to Ledsam Street could link up with Wiggin Street and Northbrook Street, to provide a safe cycle route into the city centre.

It would be relatively cheap to link to several residential areas. This would reduce strain on the tow paths - allowing the tow paths to remain an attractive choice for leisure activities.

3) The proposed road link from centre of the development to Freeth St increases the risk to cyclists & pedestrians.

The best solution would be to restrict this to cyclists & pedestrians. This would reduce distribute motor traffic rather than encouraging rat runs.

If it is necessary to keep the route for motorised traffic, safe crossings for pedestrians and cyclists across Freeth Street, or giving priority traffic from the development, rather than traffic on Freeth Street are required.

4) Is a 20mph limit proposed within the development?

Special Public Meeting Saturday 7th January

PushBikes has been invited to this meeting in Ladywood and we'll be circulating information about our proposals.

The Icknield Port Loop development is quite important for Ladywood councillors because they hope to have a new secondary school built inside the development, with sports facilities that will include a swimming pool for public use. This would be the only secondary school in Ladywood ward.

This is a real opportunity to have an impact: getting a good turnout of cyclists, especially PushBikes' members resident in Ladywood will show that there is a public demand for fair consideration of pedestrians & cyclists.

Push Bikes' Recommendations

Push Bikes' recommendations for the Icknield Port Loop development